About Us

About Us

MrCoin is run by Shinrai.

Our team is made up of fun, laid back and coffee-addict software engineers, economists, lawyers, and fintech experts. Our mission is to make everyone’s relationship to Bitcoin, to Ethereum, and to similar cryptocurrencies easy and entertaining anywhere, anytime. We pride ourselves in being part of the progress, or as we rather call it, the revolution, aiming to make payment systems more accessible, secure, and cheaper to everyone in the world.

From November 2021, CoinCash will carry on MrCoin’s services and intellectual heritage.

Why did we decide that CoinCash is the most suitable to carry on our legacy?

In 2017, CoinCash entered the market - which was quite undeveloped at the time - as the second player in the field of cryptocurrency exchanges. The company, which started its journey from a small café in Budapest, with only 4 employees, quickly outgrew itself and became a real competitor. After only 1-2 years, this friendly competition between the two companies was quite close. In the meantime, our relationship developed and got closer, as the common goal and pioneering role in the financial revolution have brought the two companies closer together.

Attila Mogyorósi and Gábor Galántai, the founders of CoinCash, popularized cryptocurrencies at countless occasions in conferences and discussions, while creating a professional, cohesive, committed and cheerful “crypto family” of nearly twenty people.

Thanks to the common vision and goals, the synergy of CoinCash and MrCoin, keeping in mind the previous spirit, is working with new developments and services to make the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies easy, fast and available to everyone around the globe.

We are proud of:

Although we are bound by strong ties to the Central and Eastern European region, we serve clients in almost every country where bank transfer exists.