About Us

About Us

Our mission and vision

Our purpose is to make cryptocurrency trading just as easy and fun for beginners as for experienced crypto enthusiasts. We believe that we can set an example for the community with our commitment to the digital revolution of the cryptocurrency scene.

What makes us different?

In 2014, MrCoin installed Hungary's first Bitcoin ATM. We were also the ones who launched the country's first online cryptocurrency exchange, which now offers hundreds of different cryptocurrencies to customers.

Thanks to the rich assortment, simplicity, and high security of our platform, we won the "Best Fintech Startup" award at the Central European Startup Awards in 2016. Since then, we have served tens of thousands of customers and have introduced blockchain technology to countless companies, universities, and organizations – including CIB Bank, MKB Bank, and Generali Group.

We believe that without community there is no liberation: while our company has strong ties to the Central and Eastern European region, our priority is to bring together the crypto community from around the world.

In November 2021, MrCoin reached another amazing milestone. The CoinCash team has acquired the brand and been carrying and sustaining our intellectual legacy. Formed under the wings of Hungary's largest Bitcoin ATM network and online exchange, we are working together to make cryptocurrency trading easier, faster, and safer for both the domestic and international communities. With a common vision and goals, our joined team unites the responsibility to promote an open nature of cryptocurrencies and to create a professional yet youthful environment for our customers.

Two separate stories, one common goal

CoinCash entered the market in 2017, quickly outgrew its roots and started to compete with other players in the industry. Not a long time after, our friendly rivalry became quite serious.

Attila Mogyorósi and Gábor Galántai, the “Founding Fathers” of CoinCash, have promoted the reputation of cryptocurrencies at numerous conferences while managing a professional, cohesive, and ambitious team of nearly 30 people. The relationship between the two companies has grown closer over time, as a shared purpose and pioneering role in the financial revolution has brought our futures together.

Being by CoinCash's side, we are advocating the future of cryptocurrencies, believing in the power of innovation and in our ability to serve the Hungarian crypto community with quality and special care!