Amount of Bitcoins sent to your Bitcoin address

When we receive your wire and process your order we deduct our fee and any bank fees that may occur. The remaining amount gets converted into Bitcoins at our current price, then instantly sent to the Bitcoin address you provided. We use our best efforts to fulfill your order at the best price available, however MRCOIN DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PARTICULAR CONVERSION RATE. Your bank may charge additional fees to wire your funds.


Once the Bitcoins are sent out to the address specified by you we can't refund your order. Please make sure you spell your Bitcoin address properly, we can't give refunds if you mispelled your Bitcoin addresses. We do check if your Bitcoin address is a proper address, however we have no way of checking if you really control it. If you change your mind and rather not want to buy Bitcoins, but you have already wired the order amount to us, we can give you a refund in case we didn't send out your Bitcoins yet. We take a 3% processing fee and send the remaning to you. We also deduct any bank fees that may occur for refunds.

Bank fees

You pay your own bank fees, and we pay ours. Make sure to send the wire with shared costs (on most internet banking websites this will show as SHA for cost). Should any unexpected bank fee occur on our end (eg. you pass your fees to us) we will deduct from your order before buying Bitcoins for you or before issuing a refund.

Order fulfillment

We can't guarantee your order will be processed if you mispelled or completely missed your order number in the "message to beneficiary" field of your bank transfer. Therefore please make sure it is always spelled correctly. Having said that - if you sent your wire and haven't received your Bitcoins in 4 working days - or you believe there has been a mistake then don't hesitate to get in touch - we're here to help. Also make sure to have your email address and phone number submitted correctly, this helps a lot with helping you and troubleshooting.


MrCoin is not an anonymous Bitcoin buying and selling service. In accordance with our AML policy, we reserve the right to ask for identification documents where we see fit. We also reserve the right to carry out additional checks for any particular transaction whether we are suspicious as to the transaction or if we are simply carrying out spot checks.

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