Customer identification

MrCoin, as a provider of exchange services between virtual means of payment and regulatory money, is required by Act LIII of 2017 on the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. by law, performs risk-based customer due diligence prior to ordering. The full text of the Money Laundering Prevention and Customer Identification Regulations can be found here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

MrCoin customer identification

Our unidentified customers are required to provide the following information online or in person when making their first purchase:

Cell phone number

Suitable for contact

Full name
Customer due diligence form

CSurname and forename, surname and forename at birth, nationality, place and date of birth, mother's birth name, address or, failing that, place of residence, type and number of identification document

Proof of identity

Photograph of a valid ID, driver's license or passport

Self-portrait and statement

High resolution photo that meets our conditions

E-mail address

Suitable for contact

Bank account number
Key public figure

Does the client qualify as a key public figure, or as a close relative of a key public figure, or as a person with a close relationship with a key public figure?

Proof of address

Utility bill or bank statement or an ID card with your address

Additional documents must be provided during customer identification if the following conditions are met:

If you are not acting in your own name:

Statement of beneficial ownership and Statement of key public figure of the beneficial owner

In case of companies (legal entity):

A document not older than 30 days that the company has been registered by the court of registration or the company has submitted its application for registration

If the amount of your last year's orders reaches or exceeds € 100,000:

Proof of funding of the source of funds used for the exchange transaction

If the identity of the customer cannot be proved or is justified for the prevention of money laundering

If necessary, we can request additional documents and information

Self-portrait and terms of declaration

Take a self-portrait that meets the following criteria:
  • The photo is sharp, your whole face is clearly visible.
  • You have your identity card in your hand, which is fully visible.
  • You are holding your handwritten statement with the following text:
In case of an individual, write this on the page:

”Undersigned - FULL NAME - I would like to exchange cryptocurrency at MRCOIN.EU. - DATE, SIGNATURE -

In case of companies (legal entity) write this on the page:

”Undersigned - FULL NAME - I would like to exchange cryptocurrency on behalf of - COMPANY NAME - at MRCOIN.EU. - DATE, SIGNATURE -

Frequently asked questions about customer identification

If you have any further questions about the customer identification process, please check our FAQ or feel free to contact us!